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Welcome to your favorite  online grocery store, where we are passionate about bringing you Premium Quality 100% All Natural food stuff at affordable prices, all year round.
As children, we grew up learning to appreciate the natural wonders of our homeland, from the lush vegetation to the vibrant farmers markets and street vendors selling fresh, delicious, healthy and organic food. 
Years later, when we moved to the big city, we found ourselves missing the flavors and aromas of our childhood. We longed for the taste of home and it was increasingly impossible to find it at affordable prices, all year round.
HATF Happy African Tropical Foods LLC was born in 2015 as an online grocery store, dedicated to bringing a taste of  home to anyone, anywhere. We wanted to make it easy and affordable for everyone to enjoy the same delicious foods that we all grew up with, without having to travel halfway around the world.
We work directly with small, local farmers and producers who share our passion for quality and sustainability. We believe that the best ingredients come from those who care deeply about their craft, and we're proud to support them through our business.
Whether you're looking for a taste of nostalgia, or just want to try something new and exciting, we're here to help. We're committed to providing our customers with exceptional service, from fast and reliable shipping to friendly, personalized support.
So why not join us on a journey? Let us help you discover new flavors and ingredients, and bring a little bit of home right to your doorstep.