3 Easy to make Lovers Dessert Delights

Posted by Granny DorA on 12th Feb 2024

3 Easy to make Lovers Dessert Delights

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to treat your someone special to easy to make desserts. 

That personal touch would have them swooning for days,  trust granny on this one wink wink !!

If you can’t decide what to prepare, read on to discover the best easy to prepare dessert ideas for February 14th.


1.    Chocolate-covered strawberries - I call this one LOVE BITE

LOVE BITES combine two time old symbols of romance (Chocolates and strawberries).

They not only look beautiful but you almost can't go wrong with this one.


2.     Strawberry mousse bars - I call this MONKEY BUSINESS 

Monkey Business is great for couples that love both creamy and crunchy textures (soft inside, hard outside). It's like shortbread got together with French mousse and ......

Well ... you get the picture ! Don't get granny hot and bothered, we still have one more recipe to get to...

Now ... for this last one, granny must issue a disclaimer because 2 of grannies children were conceived on this little dessert offering. So make sure you're ready for some hanky panky if you try this one.


3.     Dark Chocolate and Raspberry- I call this gorgeous treat "IRRESISTABLE"

Both dark chocolate and raspberries are natural aphrodisiacs and make for the ultimate valentines day dessert goody. Dark chocolate has a naturally intense flavor that raspberries balance with its sweet jam. 

Making a cake out of it, is one way to ensure you get many "irresistable" bites ... if you know what I mean.

Oh granny stop it... you're making us blush !!

Okay okay granny really does have to go now ....

I have some valentine cookies in the oven that my grand babies love .... 

You can never not have enough love to share or spare 

Till next time...

Remember ... granny knows best