The many uses and Benefits of IJEBU GARRI (Cassava Flakes)

Posted by Granny Dora on 28th Apr 2024

The many uses and Benefits of IJEBU GARRI (Cassava Flakes)

Today my dears,

I want to discuss the health benefits of IJEBU GARRI or cassava flakes that you probably didn't know. People have asked me, 

- "Grandma, what are the benefits of Garri?"

- "What is the nutritional value of cassava flakes?"

- "What else can we make using cassava flakes?"

So I decided to put together this piece and answer these questions comprehensively. Let's go ahead and get started:

The Nutritional Value of Cassava Flakes

My dears, before we proceed to the health benefits you will get from consuming cassava flakes, let's first look at what nutritional value it comes with.

Cassava is a calorie-packed vegetable. It comes with plenty of key vitamins, minerals, and carbs. Research shows that cassava flakes are a good source of vitamin C which helps improve our immune systems. This vitamin is also responsible for the formation and maintenance of our blood vessels, bones, and cartilage.

Ijebu Garri is also rich in thiamine, a complex vitamin that plays a critical role in body immunity. It also packs niacin and riboflavin; vitamins responsible for disease prevention.

Cassava flakes also contain resistant starch, which according to scientists, is good for our gut health. It helps nurture the good bacteria in our gut called probiotics. In general, one cup of Iejbu Garri should give you:

300 Calories

2.27g of Protein

63.4 g Carbs

3.04g Fiber

29.1mg Vitamin C

0.077mg Riboflavin

0.132mg Thiamine

1.35mg Niacin

35.2mg Magnesium

27.2mg Calcium

451mg Potassium

As you can see dears, cassava flakes come packed with lots of nutrients critical for good health. They also have very minimal amounts of fat. So if you have been contemplating trying them today, go right ahead and I am sure you are going to fall in love with them.

Now to the next big question...

What are the Health Benefits of Iejbu Garri?

Here are some of the key health benefits of cassava flakes:

They Help Improve the Immune System

As we have established above, cassava flakes have a lot of vitamins and minerals that play an important role in the maintenance of healthy nerves, bones, and blood vessels and improve the overall immune system of the body. So when taking Garri, think of it as a soldier fighting your body's internal battles.

Good for Your Gut

Cassava flakes contain good fibre and resistant starch which are good for your gut. Resistant starch nurtures probiotics in your gut and the fiber helps avoid such issues as constipation and diarrhea. The fibre content in Garri also makes us feel fuller and sustains us from hunger. This, in turn, ultimately helps with weight loss.

Promotes Growth in Kids

Iejbu Garri contains folate, a vitamin that promotes tissue growth and maximum cell function. It also combines with other vitamins to help the body break down and utilize proteins. The vitamin also helps in the conversion of starch into energy.

Contributes to Cancer Prevention

Believe your eyes, dear. Studies show that cassava flakes really do help in the prevention of certain types of cancer. They contain a vitamin known as Amygdalin (vitamin B17), which according to research is an anticancer agent. 

Other benefits of consuming cassava flakes include reducing age-related illness and increasing energy levels. It is also gluten-free, making it a good option for vegans and those of us who cannot tolerate gluten-packed foods. 

For the tastiest treats, Ijebu garri can be used for the following popular snacks...

So there you go dears. IJebu Garri is a nutrient-packed food and it comes with these and many other health benefits. So make sure your pantry never misses a pack or two. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and I will be glad to answer.