Crayfish. Dried, Whole 4 oz Bag Seasoning

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Importance And Health Benefits

Eating lots of crayfish, either by eating cooked or in the dry form separately is great. Also, you can have it by adding some of it to your food to gain the benefits. Some of the amazing health benefits, uses and importance of crayfish are:.

  • Crayfish contain a very little fat, traces of carbohydrates and rich in protein which is important for weight lose program and general well being
  • They contain omega 3 oils which are very essential and important for a good diet. Good diet is important for a healthy living.
  • Also, it provides essential vitamins to the body like vitamin B-1. This vitamin help maintain body function and healthy digestive system.
  • Furthermore, it is a good source of Iron. Iron is a great contributor in the prevention of the risk of anaemia.Consuming it along with other iron rich foods like the lettuce, beans and so on help the general body health. Iron is very essential for a pregnant woman.
  • Summarily, it contains calcium and phosphorus that promotes a healthy bone. Choosing a diet rich in calcium as in a crayfish meal will not only promote the bones health.
  • But also help in the bone health of a pregnant woman and her fetus. African food cooked with lots of crayfish, dry fish, green leafy vegetables and meat is a good source of calcium. Food such as ofe Owerri

Uses Of Crayfish

use crayfish in many ways, such as in food or as a food. Some of the uses include:

Use It As A Seasoning

In spite of the nutritional value of crayfish, one of its unique characteristic is the taste. It has a very umami effects when applied to foods. That is why people who care about health and taste use it as a seasoning when cooking.

In addition, Have you wondered why ground crayfish is a go to ingredient for most African food? no matter the amount of meet and fish used in cooking such food. There will always be some crayfish added towards the end of the cooking.

That is because when a little bit of ground crayfish is added into an African dish while cooking, it has a way of enhancing the taste and aroma of such food greatly. Even more, use it to cook meat and fish

Use It As MSG Replacer

In Nigeria, there are difference varieties of seasoning, ingredients and additives like MSG used in enhancing food taste. However, MSG which stands for monosodium glutamate is a whitish crystalline substance usually referred to as “white maggi”. It enhances the savoury and meaty umami flavour of food.

Similarly, Umami is the fifth basic taste along with the other four which include: sweet, sour, salty and bitter.This addictive called MSG is massively used in Nigeria and Asia for cooking. It is also used by Industries for manufacturing.

In conclusion, use crayfish to enhance the taste of food like MSG does. And even use it to add aroma and essentials nutrients to food. Instead of using MSG with no nutritional value in cooking, choose crayfish, get a taste. aroma and health all at the same time. Alternatively, use Ogiri another type of organic seasoning in place of MSG.


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