Oat Flour by Shepherd's Natural, 100% All Natural 5 lb / 80 oz bag

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HATF's Shepherd's Natural: Oat Flour made cereal grass (5 lbs. / 80 oz)

This flour is perfect for creating muffins, pancakes, waffles, fruit crumbles, Strawberry Rhubarb crisps, healthy Banana bread, and a lot more! Nutritious and Delicious Oat flour adds protein, fiber, and B vitamins to any food that uses flour!

Supplement the nutritional content and flavor of any recipe with one simple substitution. Any time you use fine all-purpose flour, you could be using oat! Oat features gluten free cooking a healthy substitute for all-purpose flour! a gourmet-quality to anything you need flour for!

Finely ground, all natural and absolutely delicious, Shepherd's Natural Oat Flour is Gluten, Grain & Nut Free. In Resealable Bag


(No reviews yet) Write a Review